To further contribute to the decarbonization effort and to expand its activities in the Maritime and Wind Assisted Ship propulsion industries, Caponnetto Hueber SL is currently setting up a dedicated subsidiary in Nice, France and is opening the following positions:

  • 1 Business Developer / Sales representative – Maritime, WASP and FOWT Industries
  • 1 Fluid Dynamics and CFD engineer specialized in maritime and wind energy industries
  • 1 Performance Prediction Engineer and Developer for Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion
  • 1 Data Scientist & Machine Learning Engineer for Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion modeling

🌍 based in Nice France – onsite (or eventually partially remote)

🌊 The Maritime group is currently studying, developing and optimizing:

  • High Fidelity Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion power and performance prediction programs
  • Wind Assisted Ship Propulsions systems
  • 0-emission ship concepts
  • Energy harvesting systems

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