The only difference between a genius and a crazy one is whether he succeeds or not. We have the tools and the expertise to know if an idea will be successful.

– Francis Hueber

Only a couple of decades ago, all the boat testing was about models and tank testing. In the iconic Il Moro de Venezia that Mario Caponnetto was part of the design team, the team build five boats real size to choose the best one to compete in the 1992 America’s Cup. Today, the huge development of the computers makes possible the testing of all the different possibilities using the right software, creating a science called Computational Fluids Dynamics (CFD).

Caponnetto Hueber has been leading Computational Fluid Dynamics development and its application to improve the efficiency of high-performance yachts.

From America’s Cup foiling boats to propeller design, from luxury mega-yachts to commercial ships, we apply our expertise in design, optimization, fluid dynamics and numerical simulations.

Our Services

  • Hydrodynamics
  • Aerodynamics
  • Dynamics Hydrodynamics
  • Propulsion, Power & Performance prediction
  • Conceptual Design

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A new way of sailing

The yachting world is today fully focused on flying. The old fashion way to sail with the hull touching the water is a romantic way to enjoy the sea, but the need of speed and the sustainability makes all the naval architects focus their designs to get a way to reduce the friction with the water.

In this context, foils have become the kings of the game. And in this kingdom, Caponnetto Hueber is leading the way since the very start. We have designed foils for America’s Cup boats, water taxis in the Sena river of Paris, electric powerboats that are the future of the motor competition…

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Innovation through R&D

At Caponnetto Hueber we are always planning the next move. Asking the hardest questions so we can begin to work on the possible solutions. Our process of research and development has successfully led to various projects.

We assist, catalyze and develop innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions for Mobility, Cleantech and Deeptech Startups willing to bring to market low or carbon-free solutions in the field of private, public and goods transportation,  and clean energy production.

Zero emission maritime solutions

Project #1
Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion Performance Prediction Tool (WASP4) to decarbonize the shipping industry.
Development of a new performance prediction tool
An initiative included in the primary project "PP23 Gemelotec: Development of advanced technologies for the digital twin of naval systems and ships" within the framework of the tractor project "INNCODIS: Development of an innovative industrial ecosystem for a competitive, diversified, and sustainable naval sector" of PERTE NAVAL.
With this new performance prediction tool, it will be possible to evaluate the ship's power balance,performance and benefits of Wind propulsion systems. The aim of this tool is to serve as a high-fidelity decision support platform for shipowners and shipyards, enabling them to select efficient and low-emission solutions from among the currently available systems, both for new builds and retrofits.    
Project #2
Assisted Wind Propulsion. Towards zero-emission maritime transport.
Create zero emission ships, developing and using a disruptive wind propulsion and power generation system!
The problem we want to solve is to extend the capacity of sails, to use wind energy to directly move a ship, to a system where energy can also be extracted and manipulated in such a way as to optimize the energy balance of a trip. considering the partly predictable variability of the wind. The goal of this project is to demonstrate that a return to Zero Emission commercial shipping is possible and, in particular, that it is possible using wind power.
Project co-financed by FEDER funds, within the Operational Program of the Valencian Community 2014-2020
Grant awarded: 190598.80 EUR

Design Tools

Project #1
Automated Performance Prediction Virtual Assistant (VIDA)
Development of the VIDA system
VIDA is an intelligent assistant in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics or Computational Fluid Dynamics), which aims to achieve cost reduction and optimization of production processes through the intelligent automation of mechanical tasks usually performed by highly qualified personnel and to allow greater dedication of the engineering teams to activities with high added value and with high significance for the company and people, offering validated and well-founded decision support, in addition to universalising access to CFD simulation techniques.
Project subsidized by the CDTI and with the support of the Ministry of Science and Innovation
Grant awarded: 250000 EUR