Bringing advanced technologies and creativity to the Maritime and Nautical Industries

Mario Caponnetto and Francis Hueber decided to join forces and start a company in 2016.

The combination of Caponnetto and Hueber has produced a world-class creator who also sheds light on projects that have the potential to change the future of decarbonization, as an adviser to other creators in the most specialized and critical aspects, to give birth to the best boats in the world.

Caponnetto Hueber is now a company with a team of high qualified, multidisciplinary engineers with physical headquarters in the historic Marina de Valencia, but intellectually distributed all over the world.

A technological and innovation laboratory specialized in fluid dynamics and energy efficiency.

The company provides naval architecture solutions, innovative concepts, fluid dynamics services, and products for the maritime industry.

They use cutting-edge methodologies and tools for naval architects, yacht designers, start-ups, shipyards, and ship owners to improve design, performance, and efficiency, as well as to reduce consumption and emissions.
Hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, shape optimization, and numerical simulations are among Caponnetto Hueber’s main areas of expertise (CFD i.e. Computational Fluid Dynamics)

Caponnetto Hueber has been involved with the America’s Cup for over two decades, winning it in 2010 and 2013. In 2021, they won the Prada Cup while working for the Italian Challenger, Luna Rossa Challenge, providing all numerical simulations and being in charge of the foils design.