Caponnetto Hueber achieves an innovative foldable hydrofoil patent pending solution

Always searching for new concepts and practical efficient solutions, significant R & D resources are spent by our team of engineers to improve our current solutions and systems.

In this context, CH has developed a solution which solve the main drawbacks of foiling crafts currently in operation

CH has developed an innovative Foldable Hydrofoil System (patent pending) that include many advantages for a foiling yacht

  • Advantages:
  • Larger foil span 
    • for improved performance and autonomy
    • no more constraints on maximum foil span being smaller than maximum beam of the yacht or vessel
  • Full retraction system:
    • in harbor, at mooring or when not operating:
      • To avoid fouling and for easy cleaning
      • For easy maintenance
    • In operation:
      • To reduce the total draft in shallow water
      • For safety reasons, in heavy weather or big waves

This innovative system can be used with electric propulsion to increase the performance, range or autonomy or adapted to combustion propulsion, decreasing the fuel consumption and the emissions.

The system enables to solve most of practical concerns of the foiling configurations and solutions currently available on the market.